When Love Meets Ego

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Would you dare to fall in love after someone breaks your heart and cheats on you?
What if someone uses you to satisfy their ego? Would you play with someone else feelings to
get even?
Of late, falling in love has conveniently been replaced with falling into time-pass. So when
Hereaches a new city and encounters people who are already a victim of bruised egos, he finds
himself a mere mode or object to satisfy their egos.
Broken and shattered, He gives up on the thought of finding love. That�s when He gets chatting
with someone on his blog and they plan to meet. He ends up meeting someone else instead and
that drives him crazy. It feels like love and He decides to propose to her. But when has life been
so simple!
Will He be able to find time-pass? Or will love find Him once again? Read on to know what
happens When Love Meets Ego.
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